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Rainier Case Management, Inc.

Employment Opportunities

If you have an interest in a Case Management position and have a B.A. and pertinent work experience….


If you have an interest in Admin/IT positions and have 5 years pertinent experience,
please contact Louise Griffith at:

1-800-681-2367 x102 or

· Disability Management

· Return to Work Intervention

· Employer Consultation

· Administrative Service Contracting

· Job Modifications/ Accommodations

· Ergonomic Assessments

· Medical Case Management

· Employment Retention

· Training Plan Development

· Welfare-to-Work Services

· Job Analyses

· Vocational Data Services

· Catastrophic Nurse Care Management


To provide quality services and make a reasonable profit. We are accountable to our clients, customers, community and co-workers. Rainier adheres to Business and Professional Standards of Practice of: Certified Disability Manager Specialist Commission (CDMSC), Certified Rehabilitation Counselor Commission (CRCC), General Accounting Principles (GAP) and Jurisdictional Code.

Established in 1978, Rainier (RCM) is the oldest, most successful locally owned Vocational/Disability Case Management Company in the Pacific Northwest. We conservatively estimate Rainier has provided services to over 50,000 clients.

We provide vocational/disability case management services throughout the State of Washington, Northern Oregon & Western Idaho. Whether you’re visiting for Employment Opportunities or just to tour our site… Welcome!