Rainier Case Management, Inc.

About Rainier

Rainier Case Management, Inc. (formally Cascade Rehabilitation, Inc.) was founded in 1978. The original corporation was formed in Portland, Oregon to provide vocational services to Oregon's industrially injured workers. Within four years, the company became one of the largest quality driven providers in Oregon.

Cascade expanded regionally and opened offices throughout Washington in 1981 and Colorado in 1983. In 1987 Cascade signed a contract with Liberty Mutual Insurance Company of Boston to build a national firm. Cascade gained a national presence by opening offices throughout eight states over the next three years.

In January of 1991, the national company was sold to Liberty Mutual. At that time Cascade-Washington changed it's name to Rainier Case Management, Inc. Rainier's management wanted Washington to continue independent of the national company.

Aside from Industrial Vocational Services, Rainier has a history of providing services for the Veterans Administration, State/Federal Agencies and Disability Systems. In 1998 Rainier began providing a wide range of case management services for TANF recipients across the state of Washington. Since then, Rainier has worked with approximately 15,000 clients referred from Washington DSHS and/or ESD. We have recently become involved with varied administrative and client based outsourcing contracts.

Rainier's growth can be attributed to the company's philosophy. The primary emphasis of this organization is to deliver the highest quality services by the best-trained professional staff. Rainier accomplishes this by hiring fully qualified professionals who are committed to providing state of the art services. The company is respected as a professional organization that provides quality, timely, cost-effective services to each of its customers

Rainier relates its success to a decentralized organization where decisions are made at the lowest level possible. The company's philosophy carries over from its professionals to its customers and each client that it serves.

Rainier's management has taken leadership roles in professional organizations both locally and nationally. Such participation enables the company to anticipate and provide appropriate product lines and diversification. Rainier is, therefore, positioned to move with future trends of the industry.